Student Case Studies

These student cases have been developed for real-life companies as problem-solving consulting projects.

Each of the student cases represents a consulting project, developed by D'Amore-McKim students within their courses in international business and strategy. The cases have been developed based on the BE-EDGE methodology that allows students making investments in their employability within the industries and markets of their career interest.

Within this methodology, students produce four products:

  • Personal Statements of their career interest as a rationale for the choice of the project;
  • Cases for the companies from around the world;
  • Consulting Reports with case analyses and recommendations for solutions;
  • Presentations or Case Briefs to potential clients or employers.

Please contact Dr. Julia Ivy for the details on the BE-EDGE method or with requests for consulting reports or case briefs of the published cases.

2021 Cases

TitleAuthor(s)Download Link
Apis Alba Expansion into North AsiaOliver Kwai Ben, Jenna Stickel, Michelle Fater, Ryan Brugger & Ali PriceDownload
International Expansion of Sinlak HoldingAlivia Shitian Chen, Dennis Ho, Robert Pereira, Keegan Sharp, Melisa SInlak & Justin VecchiarelliDownload PDF
Marriott: Looking for Expansion Opportunities in a COVID WorldDave Good, Zach Roth, Jorge Suazo & Xiaomei (Peggy) ShiDownload PDF
The Healing Rose, LLCShea Cronin, Louwas Debacker-Currimjee, Shiv Talwar, Nikki Willemsen & Stella ZilberbergDownload PDF
Beyond Meat's Venture into AsiaTamara Al-Homsi, Yina Bae, Shana Feggins & Emily MurphyDownload PDF
International Expansion of Apis Alba to CIS States: Georgia and KazakhstanChristopher Farrar, Mohammad Khan, Amelia Hagan, Eleni Halepakis & Piotr PietruczukDownload PDF

2020 Cases

TitleAuthor(s)Download Link
Blue Bird Group: Competing MarketsYanan Zhang, Mariya Sapozhnikova, Azmi Dzulkarnain, Athina Papadimitriou & Ross BeroffDownload
Expansion of MO-TRAX into the PhilippinesAlark Bhavsar, Ade Hidayat, Aileen Janice, Kate McCarthy & Nadine SumediDownload PDF
Thira: Launching a Social Entrepreneurship Start-up in GhanaAlix CrichtonDownload PDF
Titan Pharmaceutical: An Introduction to Diverse Market OpportunitiesNika Volkhonska, Eve Mansfield & Mohammed AlmudhafDownload PDF