This site uses Northeastern approved logos, typography, and colors. The placement and treatment of logos is especially important to the Northeastern brand; please ensure all guidelines are followed.

Logos + Wordmarks

Northeastern marks

Discover how and when to use the Northeastern University and D'Amore-McKim School of Business logos and wordmarks.
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D'Amore-McKim marks

NU Marketing houses many of the university's branding assets, including all D'Amore-McKim assets, in various file types.
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New identities

If you need a logo for your outfit, you'll need approval. Learn about NU Marketing's signature lockups.
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If you are using any D'Amore-McKim logo/branding elements or you are creating external-facing messaging that describes the school and its community, it must be reviewed for brand alignment. Send your review request to

Typography + Colors


This site uses Lato as it's primary font face. A variety of sizes, weights, and style treatments are deployed. Default is 16px and 700 weight.

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