A picture is worth a thousand words. Below are the blocks and components used to display images and videos on your pages. Use them often to help us “show” not “tell” our story.

Images can be inserted individually or tiled in a gallery like this. You control the number of columns and select links for individual images. Please set images to 72dpi and keep file sizes under 200k whenever possible.

Add any content here to the Media & Text block

This block is the preferred option for floating text, quotes, and other content to the right (or left) of an image.

A quote over a ‘cover' image block

Citation here

Spice up a pull quote or another snippet of text with the image ‘cover' block. These should be used sparingly to avoid a busy look and feel.

Hero Title Here

This is where the deck goes for your hero.

Sample Button Label

The ‘hero' block works great as a final element on your pages. It gives the bottom of the page a visual anchor and a chance for you to end with a call to action.

If you choose “video” in layout options, a “play” icon appears above the hero title.

Getting to know David De Cremer

Getting to know David De Cremer Opens in Modal

The Full-time MBA experience

The Full-time MBA experience Opens in Modal

The “media” block is our preferred way to insert videos. You must set a cover image and a overlay title. For faster inserts on news posts and the like, you may use the YouTube or Vimeo blocks.