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Signing Up

  1. Use Chrome or Firefox browser.
  2. If you do not receive an activation code, check your junk mail folder.
  3. If prompted for a class code, it is FBLGR7Y3TQ
  4. BMC should be free of charge when using your Northeastern email and entering the class code. If it says otherwise, please email so that we can resolve it.

Why Get Bloomberg Certified?

  • Employers look for the BMC certification on your resumes.  It even gives you a higher score on automated resume scans.
  • It is a great way to learn the basics of finance and economics while gaining exposure to all the different sects of finance. 
  • The BMC clearly lays out how you can use particular functions for schoolwork and co-op/professional work.
  • The BMC updates annually when new economic events occur (like the COVID-19 pandemic) so you can learn continuously.
  • If you have already completed the BMC, Bloomberg has added a new certificate for Portfolio Management.
  • Completion of the BMC earns you Northeastern's Bloomberg Certification badge.

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