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The Crystal app helps users learn about the personalities of others to communicate better.

Morgan Brodsky, DMSB'24, is taking over our Instagram account this week. Follow along for an inside look at her experience in the Program in Germany!

Didn't make it to the 2019 re:Invent Conference in Las Vegas? Shantavia Craigg, DMSB'21, took over our Instagram account to give us an inside look at her co-op experience at Amazon Web Services, including highlights from her work organizing parts of this conference. Follow along: @damoremckim!

This year celebrates a decade of NU-CUIBE, an event that gives international business students the chance to develop and showcase their analytical skills.

Steve Leber, DMSB '64, chose Northeastern for its co-op program, a decision that launched his career working with some of the biggest acts in the world.

Seven semesters, 21 countries, and three co-ops. Lindis Barry, DMSB'19, is taking over our Instagram account this Monday to give us an inside look at her D'Amore-McKim experience.

Oriteme Banigo, SSH '08, brought his experiences and learning back to his native Nigeria where he strives to make a positive social impact on its people.

Alumna Grace Cuneo Lineman, DMSB '13, and her sister are using unique recipes to pay homage to the great women of history, as well as those women making history today.

A brother and sister, both Northeastern alumni, have teamed up to modernize a clothing accessory that some say is on the historical fringe of fashion.