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Yang W. Lee

Lee, Yang W.
Associate Professor of Supply Chain and Information Management

Yang W. Lee
214 Hayden Hall
Northeastern University
Boston, Massachusetts  02115-5000



PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MCP, Seoul National University (summa cum laude)
BS Engineering, Han Yang University (summa cum laude)

Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Lee’s research areas include data and information quality; IT-mediated institutional learning and problem-solving; systems and data integration; enterprise architecture; and healthcare information and medical errors. She has taught Information Quality courses for honors students (“Information Quality: Technology and Philosophy”) and MBA students (“Information Quality for Global Managers”), and various MIS courses, such as, “Telecommunications and Networks,” “Information Resource Management” for MBA and undergraduate students at Northeastern University. She has also taught “eIntegration: Strategy, Technology, and Organizations” for MBA and undergraduate students at MIT, and various Information Quality courses for executives at MIT, UC Berkeley, and in many other institutions globally.

Awards and Honors

Yang Lee is the recipient of the prestigious 2012 Academic Achievement Award, the 2012 Data Management Hall of Famer, from the Data Management Association International (DAMAI), for her theoretical contribution and work as a thought leader in the field of Data Quality.

Tier 1 Grant funding awarded by Northeastern University Provost Office for the 2012-2013 academic year. Yang Lee, Felicia Lassk, and Carole Kenner Healthcare Collaboration: How collaborate to deliver patient-centered care in an information intensive environment.

Distinguished Invited Research Fellow, National Cancer Institute/National Institute of Health. (June 25, 2008).

Selected Publications

Lee, Y. (2011). Information and Data Quality in Business Networking: a key concept for enterprises in its early stages of development. Electronic Markets, 21(2), pp 83-97.

Lee, Y. (2011). Information and Data Quality in Networked Business. Electronic Markets, 21(2), pp. 79-83.

Lee, Y. (2011). Classification and Assessment of Large Amount of Data: Examples in Healthcare Industry and Collaborative Digital Libraries. ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality.

Lee, Y. (2011). In Search of Novel Ideas and Solutions with a Broader Context of Data Quality in Mind (2nd ed., vol. 2). ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality.

Lee, Y. (2010). Power of Information Channels: eGov Discourse (vol. 2010). AMCIS Proceedings.

Selected Presentations

Lee, Y. (Presenter & Author), AMCIS, "Power of Information Channels: eGov Discourse,” AIS, Lima, Peru. (August 2010).

Lee, Y., ICIS.eGov, "Planning and Implementing enterprise Architecture: Its Critical Role and Evolution in the US federal Government," AIS, Paris, France. (December 17, 2008).

Lee, Y., ICIS.enterprise system, "Exploring the Impact of cosot Savings and Service quality on enterprise systems Hosting Adoption Intention," AIS, Paris, France. (December 17, 2008).

Lee, Y., ICIS.IT, "Values from Information and IT," AIS, Paris, France. (December 16, 2008).

Lee, Y. (Presenter Only), University Healthcare Consortium, "Keynote," Cambridge, MA. (July 13, 2008).

Industry and Academic Experience

Professor Lee was a visiting assistant professor at MIT. She was Associate Director of Total Data Quality Program at MIT, and Research Associate at MIT. She was a co-founder of the International Conference on Information Quality (ICIQ) and the Cambridge Research Group. Professor Lee has provided consultation for many companies and agencies in private and public sectors in the US and internationally for over 20 years. Many concepts, frameworks, techniques, and software applications produced from her research and industry practice over years are used and applied in practice.

Professional Services

Professor Lee is a founding and current editor-in chief for the ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality. She is on editorial board of Journal of Database Management, Information and Management and a reviewer for leading journals in the MIS area. She has served as conference chair, program chair, track chair, session chair for many conferences in information systems area. Currenlty, she is also an advisor for PhD and Graduate Program in Information Quality at University of Arkansas, Little Rock.

Mailing Address

Yang W. Lee
214 Hayden Hall
Northeastern University
Boston, Massachusetts  02115-5000