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Business Minors

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    Minors for Business and Non-Business Students

    The D'Amore-McKim School of Business offers interdisciplinary minors for business and non-business students in the subjects of Emerging Markets, Global Social Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Business Practices. These minors are open to students from any college within the university, and provide a deeper understanding of both the global and social economic issues of the world. As part of the minor, students will get a chance to apply classroom knowledge to practical field research projects in countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Costa Rica, Ireland or the Dominican Republic.

    Minors in Business and in Entrepreneurship are offered to non-business students only.

    Declaring a Minor 

    To declare a minor in the D'Amore-McKim School of Business, students should complete the online minor registration form by clicking the BUSINESS MINOR PETITION LINK. Students will be required to log in using their MyNEU credentials. Once the form has been submitted, the student will receive a confirmation email to their husky email account and the student record will be updated within 10-14 business days. To declare a minor, students must have a 2.0 QPA and be a full-time undergraduate student at Northeastern. To graduate with the minor, students must attain a 2.0 QPA in the courses taken for the minor. No classes for the minor may be taken for a pass/fail grade. The minor is posted on the official transcript within one month of graduation.

    Please click the following to learn more about each of our minors.
    For non-business students:
    Business Minor 
    For business and non-business students:
    Emerging Markets
    Global Social Entrepreneurship
    Sustainable Business Practices 

  • Interested in a Masters in International Management?

    The Masters in International Management (MIM) is open to students who successfully complete a business major or minor and are interesting in pursuing international business at the graduate level with study in Boston and in Germany, Ireland, or Italy. For more information on MIM, please visit their website by clicking here.

    To view the 2012 MIM brochure, please click here.

  • For more information on any of these minors, please contact Brad Czarnowski, Academic Advisor, at b.czarnowski@neu.edu.