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BSIB Program Tracks

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  • About the Program Tracks

    The School's Bachelor of Science in International Business program provides more than just knowledge of international business practices. The program provides cultural immersion through study and work experience in another country and is intended to expose students to a culture with which they are not already familiar. International students participating in the program will not have the option to return to their home country for the year abroad; they will be asked to choose an alternate track.

    Fluent speakers of the language spoken in the country of study will need to be evaluated for language proficiency. Native speakers are required to complete either an International Affairs minor or complete an additional language to fulfill BSIB curriculum requirements.

    Brazil China Hong Kong(1) France Germany Ireland ItalyJapan2Mexico Spain UK

    Our BSIB program track locations include:


    China/Hong Kong 








    United Kingdom  

    Please note: The dual degree option is not currently available to students studying in China, Hong Kong or Japan.

  • Interested in a Masters in International Management?

    The Masters in International Management (MIM) is open to students who successfully complete a BSBA or business minor and are interested in pursuing international business at the graduate level study in Boston and in Germany, Ireland, or Italy.