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Citizen Schools

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    The Citizen Schools program launches the Social Enterprise Institute's urban engagement initiative through an innovative approach called the Apprenticeship Program. Social Entrepreneurship students serve as mentors for middle school students at Rogers Middle School in Hyde Park by working with Apprentices (middle school students) once a week in an afterschool program designed around teaching and mentoring Apprentices in the areas of social entrepreneurship, small business management, micro-finance, poverty around the world and micro-enterprise development. This 12 week program enables Apprentices to also develop their own small business, which may include the sales of beaded jewelry or other 'enterprising' ideas, initiated by the Apprentices themselves. Sales from their businesses go towards the creation of micro-finance loans for entrepreneurs in developing countries, at the Apprentices own choosing.

    The Institute recognizes the importance of afterschool programs for urban youth as studies show that more than 50% of 12 year olds come home to an empty house and that the periods from 3-6PM serve as a critical time for adolescent development. Similarly, studies also show that students that participate in afterschool activities are more likely to graduate high school on time and are more likely to pursue tertiary education.

    For more information about Citizen Schools, please visit www.citizenschools.org For more information on how you can volunteer to mentor urban youth at local middle schools through the Institute's Urban Engagement Initiative, please email sei@neu.edu.

    Please note that all applications are taken through Citizen Schools and require background checks. All volunteers must have taken ENTR2219 or ENTR2206. Students currently enrolled in ENTR2219 or ENTR2206 may be eligible to waive a case study assignment in exchange for participation.


  • "Working with the middle school children at Hyde Park has been great in allowing me to continue my work in the field of community development.  Helping students start their own businesses and use the profits to invest in social causes, like a micro loan for an entrepreneur in a developing country, gave the students an opportunity to learn about business and entrepreneurship at key stage in their academic development."

    Hillary Gras

    Class of 2011

    CBA Finance

     NEU-SEI-Hillary Gras