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International Field Study Programs

  • In order to understand business today, you need to be familiar with global business. The global market is a reality. Dramatic innovations in communication, information, and transportation technologies have shrunk the globe and have led towards a single market. In every industry, firms that once dominated national markets find themselves players in a larger and more competitive global marketplace. Immerse yourself in these important international issues with Northeastern University’s  D'Amore-McKim School of Business and attend one of our international summer programs:

    South America (Peru & Colombia)
    Aegean Region (Turkey & Greece)

    Northeastern’s MBA international summer programs are designed to give you knowledge in and new perspectives regarding international business. They will help you develop critical skills necessary to compete and succeed in the global market. All courses involve a multinational faculty and are taught in English. Each of the four programs offers a unique opportunity to explore business outside the traditional classroom boundaries and to provide a unique addition to your resume.

    To help you acquire a deeper understanding of the exciting changes taking place across the globe, academic coursework during the Spring 2014 semester will be augmented with a 10 day trip encompassing a variety of activities including talks by guest speakers; meetings with regional officials; a visit to a local university; and visits to local, national and multinational firms. 

    Information sessions discussing each trip, including a short presentation by the faculty members, were recently held on campus. The PowerPoint presentation is now available. For questions please contact Evelyn Gonzalez at 617-373-5999 or at e.gonzalez@neu.edu.

    Comparative Economic Development in Turkey and Greece - This IFS is will give an appreciation to students of two important countries in today’s global economy. First, we will be visiting Istanbul, Turkey, the city that has bridged Europe and Asia for the past two thousand years. We will be meeting with leading academics and business executives to learn about what is behind the recent success. Then, we will transition to Athens, Greece. Greece has been in the news for the past three years as the economy that may cause the dissolution of the Euro. We will find out what steps the Greek government is taking to correct its economic slide. Of course, both countries have a rich history and we will be taking advantage of the visit to get a very brief taste of these two civilizations.

    Economic Development in China - This IFS, through visits to Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai will expose students to the transitional economy and the business environment in China. Through visits and seminars at host universities, companies, and government offices students will gain first-hand knowledge of the structure of the Chinese economy and how domestic and foreign companies do business there. Students will have opportunities to directly interact with Chinese government officials, company executives and university faculty and students.

    Economic Development in Russia - This IFS takes place in the world-class cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The program focuses on Russia’s transition over the past two decades from a communist political system and centrally planned economy to a more democratic society and market-oriented economy. Students will attend lectures by local industry experts, visit government offices and tour multinational and Russian businesses. Students will also make presentations at Northeastern’s 20-year partner institution, the Graduate School of Business Administration at Moscow State University. Led by Dr. Sheila M. Puffer , Walsh Research Prof. and Cherry Family Senior Fellow of International Business


    Peru and Colombia: Leveraging Country Brands - This IFS focuses on the growth of both the Colombian and Peruvian economies over the past few decades and the cultural, economic and political reasons behind this growth. Moreover, we will examine how each country is leveraging its image to drive business and tourism. Students will meet with corporate leaders in local industries such as energy, construction, finance and IT as well as explore cultural landmarks in Bogota, Colombia and Lima, Peru. Led by Dr. Christopher J. Robertson, Professor of International Business and Strategy