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Fund Managers

  • Denis-Pyatchanin,-Jr.-Analyst  Denis Pyatchanin, Managing Director
    Denis was born in the USSR and grew up in India. He came to the US to study business, and received a BS in Business Administration from Bryant University in Rhode Island, double concentrating in management and finance, and minoring in French. He became more and more interested in finance when he took his undergraduate investments class. He joined Bryant University's Archway Investment Fund, where he learned financial modeling and forecasting, as well as using investment research services such as FactSet, Bloomberg, and others. After joining Northeastern's Full-Time MBA program in 2010, he immediately joined the 360 Huntington Fund. In June 2011 he passed CFA Level 1. For his MBA co-op, he spent a year working at Wellington Management. He manages two private portfolios: his own on the US stock market and his family's, on the Singapore Exchange.
    Bolster, Paul  Professor Paul Bolster, Supervising Professor 
    A member of the CBA faculty since 1985, Professor Bolster's research and teaching interests are in the areas of investments and portfolio management. His current research examines portfolio risk from the sometimes conflicting perspectives of the portfolio manager, the analyst, and the investor. Professor Bolster serves as a director for several investment funds managed by Gartmore Investment Management in London. He is a member of the Board of Trustees for Woodbury College in Montpelier (VT). Professor Bolster holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He is an active member of the Financial Management Association and the Boston Security Analysts Society.
    Platt, Harlan  Professor Harlan Platt, Supervising Professor
    Professor Platt is a member of the board of directors of Republic Financial Corporation and the John Hancock Collateral Investment Trust. He previously served on the board of companies on the New York Stock Exchange, the Dublin Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. Professor Platt was the Faculty Dean for the Turnaround Management Association from 1993 - 2003 where he created their certification exam. Professor Platt is the faculty advisor to the 360 Huntington Fund, the student managed mutual fund which won the world wide distinction at the 2009 RISE contest as the best managed graduate student value based mutual fund. Before joining the College of Business Administration faculty in 1981, Professor Platt was director of electricity research and forecasting for Data Resources, Inc. From 1997 to 1998, he was the Klein Lecturer at Northeastern University.
    Barry-Gilbert,-Managing-Director  Barry Gilbert, Alumni Advisor
    Barry was the Managing Director for the 360 Huntington Fund from June 2010 through May 2012. Barry comes to finance from a background in academic philosophy. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Boston University with specializations in intellectual history and social and political thought. Prior to beginning his career in finance, he taught for four years in the writing program at Harvard University and for two years in the philosophy department at Trinity College (Hartford). He began his career in finance with Axiom Valuation Solutions, where he worked as an analyst valuing private firms and various related assets including debt instruments, real estate, and natural resources. In addition to working towards an MS in Finance at Northeastern, he is pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation through the CFA Institute and passed the Level III Exam in 2010. He has also been an instructor in Northeastern's on-line MSF and MBA programs.
    Pearce, William2  William Pearce, Chief of Research
    William currently serves as the Chief of Research responsible for management and coordination of the fund’s investment research processes. He provides oversight to all of the buy/sell recommendations and presentations within the fund along with heavy analysis of the bi-weekly coverage updates provided by the analysts. William has previously worked as a Sector Manager, Chief Risk Officer and as a Research Analyst, whose research has contributed to many of the 360 Huntington Fund’s investments. Professionally William is an associate for PanAgora Asset Management where he is responsible for portfolio operations. Prior to his work at PanAgora, William served as a corporate action research associate for State Street Corp. William is pursuing his MBA with a finance concentration at Northeastern and will be graduating in 2013.

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    Hunyh, Melissa  Melissa Huynh, Chief Operating Officer
    Melissa is a part-time MBA/MSF student at Northeastern University. She has seven years of experience as a SEC and Financial Reporting Accountant at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston. Prior to that, Melissa had worked as a Senior Operations Specialist at FleetBoston Financial now known as Bank of America. She obtained a BS degree in Management with concentrations in Accounting and MIS from University of Massachusetts Boston. Melissa joined the Fund in May 2010 and was responsible for covering the Basic Materials sector, but currently is responsible for researching equities and presenting buy/sell recommendations in the Technology, Healthcare and Telecommunications sectors. She serves as a Chief Operating Officer where she oversees Accounting, Marketing, and Risk.   Melissa is the first to step in as the voting manager when needed. She has previously worked as a Chief Marketing Officer with responsibility for marketing the Fund on NEU and social media websites. She was previously a Chief Reporting Manager with responsibility for coordinating the quarterly reports for The Fund. Melissa is currently a candidate for the CFA Level I exam.

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    Lavin, Kenneth  Dr. Kenneth Lavin, Alumni Advisor, Economic Consultant
    Ken Lavin is an MSF Graduate from Northeastern University. He joined The Fund in the fall of 2009 as an Alumni Advisor. Ken has conducted independent investment and economic research in addition to his medical practice as a podiatrist. He completed a podiatric surgical residency at Brown University and attended podiatric medical school in Chicago. He has a B.A. in Chemistry from Brandeis University.
    Houghton, Greg  Greg Houghton, Alumni Advisor
    Greg is a dual MSF/MBA student in the Evening Program at Northeastern University. He joined The Fund in the fall of 2009 as a junior analyst. For the past seven years, Greg has worked in higher education helping student transition from high school to college during the first-year. He holds a BFA in Electronic Imaging from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.
    Langxuan James Yin  Langxuan "James" Yin, Sector Manager, Technology, Health Care and Telecommunication
    Langxuan "James" Yin received his bachelor's degree in China from Tsinghua University's Department of Computer Science and Technology, and is at this moment a full-time Ph.D. candidate at Northeastern University's College of Computer and Information Science. Langxuan brings to the Fund five years of experience in interdisciplinary research and statistical analysis, along with expertise in and knowledge of state-of-the-art computer technologies. He is also sitting for the CFA Level I exam. Langxuan currently serves as sector manager in charge of technology, telecom and health care sectors.
    Killian, Dan 2  Dan Killian, Sector Manager, Financials, Discretionary and Consumer Staples
    Dan has been with the fund since the Fall of 2010 as a Northeastern MBA student.  He will graduate on August 30, 2012, but he has already met all my requirements.  He has been an Analyst, Senior Analyst, Sector Specialist: Consumer Staples and he is currently a Sector Manager.  He has presented numerous stocks of more than 10 semesters, which have been accepted including NVEC, QCOM, JNJ, GIS, FCN, INGR, DECK, TAP and GES.  He has successfully mentored associates over the last 2 semesters.  He is currently working at the Transfer Agent, Computershare, in the Communications Center.  He hopes to eventually work in investment banking, specifically with a mutual fund company or a private equity firm.

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    Lopes, Tim 2  Timothy Lopes, Sector Manager, Industrials, Energy, Materials, and Utilities
    Timothy is currently enrolled in Northeastern University’s MBA program, specializing in investments and corporate finance.  As a sector manager, he mentors analysts through the stock selection process and votes on buy/sell actions. Timothy is the former Chief Risk Officer where he ran risk models to recommend position sizes of new investments using Northfield Portfolio Optimizer.  In 2007, Timothy earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern.  He brings to the fund strong technical and analytical skills with work experience at Raytheon as a manufacturing engineer and an operations manager. 

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    Alan Guichard  Alan Guichard, Chief Compliance Officer
    After graduating from Bentley University with a Bachelors Degree in Economics and Finance, Alan managed the yacht provisioning division of a foodservice distribution company before deciding to enroll in law school.  He is currently a dual-degree JD/MBA candidate at Northeastern University. Alan recently worked in the litigation department of a personal injury law firm where he drafted complaints, motions in state and federal court, discovery documents, and memoranda supported by individual legal research. As Chief Compliance Officer, Alan is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Huntington 360's Prospectus, Operating Document, and other regulations.
    Bogdan, Adam  Adam Bogdan, Chief Accounting Officer
    As CAO, Adam has complete oversight of all accounting functions including daily NAV (net asset value) tracking, cash flow, trading activity, and any donations or funding received. Adam has also served as a research analyst for the fund contributing to equity research and valuation for a number of the funds current holdings. An evening MSF/MBA student at Northeastern University, he is pursuing a dual specialization in international business and investments. Adam graduated from Wayne State University in 2008 with a BSBA, majoring in Finance. Professionally, Adam works as a Performance Analyst at BNY Mellon working on client relationships utilizing a number of different investment strategies across various asset classes. Previously, He worked as an Accounting and Reporting Specialist with the company focusing on large state pension funds.
    Hachen, George  George Hachem, Jr. Analyst
    George Hachem obtained his bachelor degree in Finance from Bentley University in May 2005 and he is currently pursuing his MBA/MSF at Northeastern University. He has 6 years of work experience in Finance and Accounting. He is presently working at State Street as a senior income specialist for a mutual Fund group. George is entering his first semester with The 360 Huntington Fund as a junior analyst focusing on consumer discretionary sector.
    Sun, Ivy 2  Ivy Yangran Sun, Sr. Analyst
    Ivy is enrolled in the full-time MSF program. She graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree of Engineering in Telecommunication Engineering and obtained a Minor Degree of Economics in Investement. She passed the CFA level 1 exam with 8 out of 10 subjects above 70% in June 2011 and is currently a CFA level 2 candidate. Ivy is now doing her internship at Columbus Group LLC as a market analyst. She joined the fund in 2011 fall ,and now she is a senior analyst in technology, telecommunication and health care sectors.
    Bancroft, Seth  Seth Bancroft, Jr. Analyst
    Seth is in his third semester as a junior analyst for the Fund. Seth graduated from Tufts University in 2009 with a bachelors degree in Economics. After a year of working in the operations department of Pioneer Investments, Seth took a position at NEPC - an investment consulting firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. There he works as a Research Associate with a focus on global asset allocation, risk parity, and LDI solutions.

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    Chen, Xuanang  Xuanang Chen, Jr. Analyst
    Xuanang Chen is a full-time MS in Finance graduate student at Northeastern University. He just got a BA degree in China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing. He had an internship in Industrial Bank in Shijiazhuang Branch. He is now a CFA level 1 candidate and preparing for the exam in December 2011. Now he is a junior analyst in the 360 Huntington Fund covering the industrial sector, Applied Industrial Technology.
    Garcia, Elvira  Elvira Garcia, Jr. Analyst
    Elvira is currently enrolled as a full-time MBA student at Northeastern University. As an international student she has worked in the construction sector of the Dominican Republic, the commercial banking industry in Spain, and as a sales consultant in the United States. After graduating Boston College in 2009 with a BS in General Management, Elvira obtained a Master’s of Science in Administrative Studies with a focus in Financial management.
    Goater, Vince  Vince Goater, Jr. Analyst
    Vince is a Performance Analyst at State Street Bank dealing with alternative investments.  He has worked at State Street since 2008 where he began his career within investor services providing custody and accounting services to a globally-recognized client. Vince is currently a junior equity analyst covering the Technology, Healthcare, and Telecommunications sectors. Vince holds a BA from SUNY Geneseo and is an avid outdoorsman.

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    Patota, John
    John Patota, Jr. Analyst
    John joined the Fund in the Summer of 2012. He is currently a part-time MSF student, having previously earned a MBA from UMass Dartmouth and a B.S. in Information Science from Northeastern University. He has co-oped for EMC and State Street in technology positions, and currently is employed by Northeastern University at the Help Desk. John is a CFA candidate sitting for the Level I exam in December.
    Naaz, Farah  Farah Naaz, Jr. Analyst
    Farah is currently enrolled in the full time MBA program with a concentration in Investment Finance. She is a computer engineer whose interest in finance developed while designing and developing financial software as a computer architect.  She received further exposure to the world of investment during her one year corporate residency ship at Wellington Management company.  She worked with their Asset Transitions team dealing with risk mitigation and Client on boarding functions. This is Farah's second semester participating in the fund as an equity analyst covering the consumer staples sector.
    Bihrle 2  Rick Bihrle, Jr. Analyst
    Rick Bihrle is currently pursuing a dual degree MBA/MSF with a concentration in investments at Northeastern. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a collateral field in Business. He is currently employed by Putnam Investments where he works in the mutual fund operations division. As a Jr. Analyst for The 360 Huntington Fund, Rick will be focusing on Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, and Financials.

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      Lee Howard, Jr. Analyst
    Lee is a second year evening MBA student at Northeastern University, specializing in Investments. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a degree in Economics. His professional experience includes employment at State Street Bank as a middle office manager, specializing in FX, equities, and FI; and currently, Lee is employed as a foreign exchange trader at Eastern Bank. Lee has joined the 360 Huntington Fund as a first year junior analyst, and will be covering the energy, industrials, materials, and utilities sectors.
    Cai Licheng  Licheng Cai, Jr. Analyst, Consumer Discretionary/Staples/Finance Sector
    Licheng is a MSF candidate at Northeastern University graduating in December 2012 and serves as an analyst in the financial and consumer sectors in the fund. On 11/28/2011, Licheng and his team successfully recommended Jefferies Group, Inc. (NYSE: JEF) at price of $10.90 with comprehensive analysis on the company’s exposure to EU debts, liquidity, and insiders transactions. On 12/20/2011, the company disclosed earning much higher than expectation and the price rallied by 22% to $14.50. Licheng also had experience in Shanghai as Audit Team Member working on IPO project and as Citibank Personal Banking Intern offering financial advice to bank clients. From his academic and professional experience, Licheng developed huge interests in investment and contributes to the fund with his own analysis.
  • 360 Huntington Fund Alumni for 2012

    Chris Collier
      Chief of Research

    Matt Brecher
      Chief Compliance Officer

    James Goodman
      Materials Sector Specialist, Sr. Analyst

    Timothy Broome
      Jr. Analyst

    Shuxin Tan
      Jr. Analyst

    Cheng Qian
      Jr. Analyst

    Juan Tirado
      Jr. Analyst