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Management and Organizational Development

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    Managing people, projects, and programs is both exciting and challenging. It requires a considerable range of knowledge and skills. Effective managers must know the business, be interpersonally competent, behave ethically, and diagnose and deal with human and organizational complexity and issues. Current research, supported by our conversations with middle and senior managers, argues that learning about management is necessary but certainly not sufficient. Students of management also need to learn how to manage. Within the Management and Organizational Development Group we focus on the student's development of personal insight and skills in critical areas of leadership and management.


    For sure, students must increase their knowledge of good management practices. For example, they need to learn principles of motivation, leadership, problem solving, conflict resolution, planning, organizational change and their impact on business results. However, It is one thing to learn about the principles of effective feedback and a very different thing to 'do it' and give productive feedback. This is the educational focus of the Management and Development Group.


    Faculty in the Management and Organizational Development Group have doctorates from leading institutions around the world. In addition, with hundreds of years of experience all of our faculty are active in a wide assortment of professional activity including research, consulting and community service. Many serve on important advisory boards. All of the faculty have had experiences in leadership and managerial roles in addition to their academic credentials.


    Cooperative and experiential work experience are a key component of a Northeastern University education. Because management is a broad topic and the student's interests can vary, they can participate in work experiences that span a diverse range of business function. Examples include project management, human resources, business analyst, and client and sales support. Employers who have hired students include:

    • Fidelity Investments
    • Procter & Gamble
    • EF Education
    • US Defense Intelligence Agency
    • John Hancock
    • Raytheon
    • MFS Investment Management

      Dr. Edward Wertheim
      Group Coordinator

      Dr. Leonard Glick
      Concentration Coordinator
  • Professor David Boyd

    Boyd, David thumbProfessor Boyd teaches Organizational Behavior with a special focus on leadership. His research explores the hallmarks of effective leadership in a wide variety of organizational settings. He has extensive corporate experience and was co-owner of a manufacturing firm. Professor Boyd sits on the boards of a number of corporate and charitable organizations and is a frequent speaker at business and educational forums.

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