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Spring 2010 Newsletter


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    From Professor Majorie Platt, group coordinator, Accounting Group

    Marjorie PlattIt has been a busy and exciting spring. The Accounting Group enjoys increasing demand for accounting education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. At NU we value teaching excellence, top quality research productivity and service to the university and to the accounting profession; these three criteria drive our recruiting and hiring choices. Every once in a while we get external confirmation that our choices are “spot on.” 

    In this issue

    100 years of Co-op: what about the next 100 years?

    co-op centennial logoCo-op is the defining program at Northeastern University. It is what differentiates us from all other universities in America, and Northeastern has successfully executed the Co-op model for 100 years. In the accounting group, Co-op’s centennial got us thinking about the next 100 years. Accounting Co-op coordinators, Charlie Bognanni and Kathy Tanner, offered their insights into Co-op in the 21st Century.

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    An accounting husky in a foreign land: international co-op

    To some students, working overseas sounds like a lot of fun, until they think about the logistics of moving for six months to a foreign country. How will I get there? Where am I going to live? Will I be able to communicate with people in work? Of course it is much easier to do a co-op here in Boston versus travelling more than 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

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    International Financial Reporting Standards: The Future of Accounting in the United States

    Generally accepted accounting standards in the United States are changing and aligning with IFRS as part of planned convergence program. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued their roadmap in 2008 to guide the transition to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for public companies.

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    Accounting faculty and their second lives

    Two of our faculty, Professors Tim Rupert and Charlie Bame-Aldred, were recognized by the Northeastern Voice for their contributions to the community.

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