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  • A Bias Towards Applied Learning –  Sample Client Engagements

    Global Defense and Aerospace Contractor 
    Program theme: Strategic thinking for competitive advantage.
    Overview:  Participants build understanding of how strategic thinking and “mindful” execution can foster a sustainable competitive advantage.  Participants apply strategy concepts and frameworks principles in the context of a current “strategy challenge” confronting senior leaders, providing valuable advice and counsel as a specific program output. Program incorporates company-specific custom case studies and significant executive involvement in program delivery.
    Format: 4-day, 30-person intensive sessions

    Global Information Technology Company
    Program theme:  Leading profitable growth through innovation.
    Overview: Focuses on instilling a perspective and skill set among senior directors for driving and leading profitable growth (top and bottom-line) through innovation across a complex organization. Concepts and frameworks/s are applied to innovation projects identified by participants and developed throughout the program, culminating in project presentations to a panel of senior executives.
    Format: 3-day intensive

    Health Plan Organization
    Program theme:  Creating value through business intelligence and analytics
    Overview:  Focuses on frameworks and concepts centered around quality, performance measurement, analytics, and internal/external collaboration.  Cross-functional teams work on real-time business projects while learning and applying concepts.  Teams present their projects to senior leaders who may agree to sponsor and/or adopt projects emerging from the program.
    Format: One day a week over 3 weeks with team assignments between sessions.

    Financial Services Company
    Program theme: Building business acumen.
    Overview: Focuses on improving participants’ business acumen to align with the firm’s strategic goals.  Participants move in cohort through four graduate-level business courses over several academic semesters.  Courses are focused on understanding the global business environment and driving innovation. Participants earn graduate credit that may be applied to a Northeastern part-time MBA programs.   The cohort experience builds strong, cross-functional, internal relationships and networks critical for making ever increasing contributions to the firm.
    Format: One evening a week, over 16-month time period. Video conferencing is used to enable participation from multiple locations.

  • “I have consistently been impressed by the faculty’s willingness and desire to do their homework and customize their work to meet our unique business challenges [and the learning needs of participants]…From year to year the program continues to evolve…and Northeastern delivers value time and time again.”

    – Client Executive


    "What a fantastic way to deliver so much value to people across the globe.  This is a very powerful course." 

     - Program Participant